Full Colour Postcard Printing for Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and more

One Stop Print Shop offers full colour postcard printing with a variety of additional options including rounding corners, selecting thicker card stock laminating and more. We can print full coloured postcards for the following cities from Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Falls and more.

Postcards are cards bearing business information or promotional content about a company or individual and its products/services & events. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A postcard typically includes information similar to a business card with the giver's name, company affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), e-mail addresses and website. Traditionally many postcards were simple black text on white stock; today a professional full color postcard will include one or more aspects of striking visual design.

Postcards are frequently used during promotion campaigns, networking events and sales calls to provide potential customers with a means to contact the business or representative of the business. The One Stop Print Shop is capable of producing various styles of postcards. There are many options associated with postcards that one can choose from, including the type of stock selection, stock thickness, color combination, size, shape, and finishing options.

Postcards – Stock Selection
There are many various stock options available when choosing to produce your ideal customized postcard from the One Stop Print Shop. Our classic stock selection includes 12 pt coated 2 side stock and 12 pt matte finish stock. The type of stock will be based on your personal preference or company image you wish to brand.

Thicker postcard stock is available in the form of 14 pt card stock in both coated and matte finish options. Thinner postcard stock is also available in the form of 10 pt card stock in both coated and matte finish. You may also select regular laser paper or 100lb gloss paper as the stock selection for your postcards. Postcard stock selection is also open to the option of linen stock, laid stock, colored paper stock and other forms of textured or finished paper.

Postcards – Color Combination
Full color postcards are very common and cost effective nowadays with the usage of digital printers on the market. The option of going full color single sided postcards or double sided postcards is available. Single color and two color options are still available as well. The One Stop Print Shop can also produce the traditional black and white postcards.

Postcard color combination will be dependant on your personal preference or company image that you wish to brand.

Postcards – Size & Shape
The One Stop Print Shop allows for postcard customization with size and shape adjustments. Common size adjustments to a typical postcard may be to simply just make it larger in size by increasing it to 5 inches x 7 inches. Square shaped postcards are also another option. The One Stop Print Shop can custom cut your postcards into any custom dimensions. We also offer a commonly unique size of 4.25 x 2.75 inch sized postcards that are excellent for easy to carry, fit into shirt pockets and wallets without hassle.

Custom postcard shapes can also be produced through the creation of a die shaped into the element of your choice, whether it is a circle, bus, car, triangle or any other creative shape you can create.

Postcards – Finishing Options
There are many additional methods that can be used to make your postcards unique with the One Stop Print Shop’s finishing options.

  • Rounding Corners – rounded the corners of your full color postcards can make it looks smooth and slick. With the option of rounding corners, you may choose to either round one corner, two corners, three corners or all four corners.
  • Lamination – Laminated full color postcards are very high quality and provide great protection to your postcards against water. Lamination options come in high gloss and matte. There are also different lamination thickness options available as well.
  • Aqueous Coating – Aqueous coating is a fast-drying, water-based, protective coating which is applied in-line on press to attain a selection of finishes more economical price than varnish. This clear coating provides a high gloss surface to your postcards which protects the surface from dirt, smudges, fingerprints and scratch. Aqueous coating improves postcard durability as they go through mail or inserted in pockets. It is also applied on brochures, catalog covers, flyers and other visual ads.
  • UV Coating - UV Coating is a clear liquid that is spread over your psotcards like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. It is a gloss coating, and can be used as a spot covering to accent a particular image on the postcard such as a logo or as an overall coating. The surface of the cured film becomes extremely reflective and glossy.
  • Embossing - Embossing is the process of creating a three-dimensional image or design in your postcards. It is typically accomplished with a combination of heat and pressure on the postcard stock. This is achieved by using a metal die usually made of brass and a counter die that fit together and actually squeeze the fibers of the substrate. This pressure and a combination of heat actually "irons" while raising the level of the image higher than the substrate to make it smooth. Embossing is ideal for usage with logos on postcards.
  • Foil Stamping – Foil Stamping is the application of pigment or metallic foil, a special film-backed material, to paper where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image onto your postcards. Foil stamping is ideal for usage with logos on postcards.


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